5 Online Jobs That Pay Well

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Even If You Have Limited Experience.

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If we dipense with all the statistics, the bottom line is — a lot of people want to work from home and freelance online.

Not everybody, of course — but a lot would love the freedom to be able to work as and when they please throughout the day, as long as they get their work done properly for their clients and meet the required deadlines.

When we talk about working from home, we think of being free from traffic jams, boring lunches, being chained to a cubicle and being subjected to unfair appraisals.

When we talk about being an online freelancer, we think of time freedom and the ability to spend more time with our family and friends. We also think of the lack of consistent income that comes with freelancing.

Hence, many want to start looking for online jobs and start a part time hustle to see if it eventually is worth leaving their 9 to 5 for.

Work From Home Online Jobs

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We’ll go through 5 popular online jobs that will get you hired fast, even if you have little to no experience.

Funnel Design and Funnel Building

This option is surprisingly not often listed as a work from home option. You may see options such as web designers, but funnel builders are in a class of their own.

Funnels and websites are different things and require different skill sets to build. According to Blogginglift.com, 570k of websites on the Internet use at least one marketing funnel for their businesses.

I landed my first client knowing nothing about funnel building (after learning some design on Figma) for $500. Within 60 days, I had made $6,000.

It wasn’t easy, of course — I took up a course on funnel building and started going through it with a vengeance. I then used my new skills to design mockups and post them on my social media pages, and soon I was getting DMs regularly.

What did I do differently? I did not wait until I was really good to start pitching and landing clients. I started from the get go.

A good funnel builder (freelancer) can charge anywhere between $1000 to $5000 (or more) for a funnel — the latter especially if you have great testimonials and can ensure good conversion rates. Agencies easily charge triple that amount. Hence a lot of funnel builders start out on their own, start landing more and more clients and eventually hire more funnel builders to manage their projects. The aim is to eventually have your own funnel building agency. It is an online job with tremendous potential because more and more businesses are going online and seeing the need for funnels to be built.

Freelance Writing

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Freelance writing can include many different types of writing.

For those not in the know, the words freelance writing may just mean plucking words out of thin air and coming up with an article they deem is good.

While you may get hired as a beginner, if you do not do your due research and come up with quality content, you may need to revise your work several times over in order to meet your client’s standards.

The great thing about freelance writing is once you’ve done a few projects and know the process of research and wording based on client needs, it is not difficult to come up with really good content to knock your clients’ socks off.

You’ll only need a trusty laptop, great grammar (or a great app like Grammarly), and proper research skills to be able to work from anywhere in the world, and still get paid well.

Freelance writers can be paid (at the minimum) a rate of $45 per hour. Beginners may encounter content mill jobs where you are paid very little to write a 3000 word blog (low rates start at $0.05 per word, usually — this rate can sometimes be even lower depending on the client, but I recommend you don’t take up too much of these kinds of jobs — take one or two, get the experience, and move on).

As you gain more experience, you can charge per project — many bloggers charge upwards of $500 for a guest post, and many copywriters charge $500 onwards per landing page or sales page.

The great news is there are many affordable writing courses that will get you ahead and learn the essence of freelance writing more quickly. You can find such courses on Udemy or from successful bloggers such as Elna Cain and Debbie Gartner.

Virtual Assistant

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Contrary to popular thinking, a Virtual Assistant (VA) does not only manage your inbox and organize your emails.

A VA is basically your remote personal assistant. She can:

  • help you pitch and land you a spot on a popular podcast show
  • meet your clients on Zoom for you and walk them through your agency’s onboarding processes
  • build funnels for you (aha)
  • do basic copywriting if necessary
  • manage you and your clients’ email service providers — setting up automations inside of ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, and more (you get the idea)
  • organize your videos on Vimeo for you
  • Set up text messaging automations inside of platforms such as SimpleTexting, Mobile Text Alerts, and more
  • reach out to big sites and offer to guest post for them (she pitches, you write the guest post, of course)
  • manage your Facebook groups
  • write blog posts
  • manage your virtual team for you to ensure all work gets done on time
  • and more

Rates for a beginner VA typically starts at $15 per hour and can go up to as high as $75 per hour. How much you earn will depend on how much hours you are willing to put in as a VA.

Many start ups and small bloggers look to hire beginners as VAs, partly because they are more affordable and partly because they are more ‘trainable’. You technically grow with their company along the way.

Virtual assisting can be a great source of consistent, reliable income and allow you to freelance full time in the long run.

Social Media Managers

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According to Builtin.com, a social media manager can command an average annual salary of $78,000 in 2022, which translates to an average of $40 per hour (based on 40 hour weeks).

There are many courses you can take that will teach you how to grow a new account on Instagram and TikTok. These affordable courses (mostly from Udemy) will be able to gain you some insight as to what social media managers do and why they are in such high demand.

Many businesses, influencers, entrepreneurs and even bloggers look to hire a social media manager (SMM)to grow their brand and their following on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter. A SMM is responsible for coming up with targeted content that reflect their clients’ branding and repurposing that content across several platforms.

A SMM is also able to create short videos for the client such as Insta stories and reels and post them regularly every week to increase reach and engagement. The SMM will respond to DMs, reply to comments and reach out to commenters where necessary. SMMs will also need to meet up with their clients on a regular basis to update them on the latest statistics and results.

It may sound daunting, but there are multiple scheduling apps and platforms that you can use to schedule your posts and have them go out on time like clockwork. Once you are familiar with the type of content your client wants to put out and you know how to manage these platforms, you are ready to become a SMM. Because building a tribe on social media is something that takes time, every client you take on will have a very high chance of being a retainer, which makes for consistent income for months to come.

Facebook Ads Manager

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Facebook ad specialists are in such high demand now that Meta has come up with courses and exams that you can take for free to get certified as as Facebook ads specialist.

This allows you to work with Facebook as one of their ads customer service operators where you reach out to different clients and get them to invest more in their ad spend.

Such a certification also gets you hired as a Facebook ads manager by many small businesses and companies, especially if you know enough about audience targeting to be able to ensure that the ads reach the right people, and that the conversion stats are great.

This may take some time and experience, and that is why this free course by Meta is so worth it (more info here). It’ll give you an unfair advantage over other freelancers who are struggling to learn this on their own.

Facebook ad specialists or managers can make anywhere between $52,000 to $84,000 annually (and more) based on figures from Salary.com.

Wrapping Up

As with all jobs offline and online, learning a new skill sets takes time, persistence, determination and resourcefulness.

The demand for these 5 jobs are on the rise, and there are ample opportunities for you to land your next client, retainer or referral. Your success is in your hands. Your dream of working from home (or from anywhere in the world) is absolutely possible.



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