Best Remote Freelance Writing Jobs 2022

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Freelance writing is a popular option when it comes to being an online service provider. Here are some of the best remote freelance writing jobs you can do, the salaries you can command, and the tools and resources you’ll need to start out with as a beginner.

Tools You Need To Start Writing

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The basic things you need to start freelance writing (especially as a beginner) are:

1) To get an email account that is separate from your personal account. A Google Workspace will be best, because that’ll allow you to keep track of your clients’ emails, and your projects, as well as have everything organized on your Google Drive.

2) A comfortable home office setup, because that’s where you’ll be spending most of your time when it comes to working.

3) Apps to help double check your work — such as Grammarly.

4) A Stripe or PayPal account that’ll allow you to receive payments and to enable your clients to pay you without much hassle.

Qualities You’ll Need To Be A Good Freelance Writer

It goes without saying that good work ethic is something anyone should have, whether they’re working from home or showing up at the office. Being able to type away in your PJs does not mean that you can hand up sloppy work.

  1. Aim to overdeliver. Put in the time to research the topic you’re writing about thoroughly and create quality content.
  2. Be independent and resourceful. Try getting answers on your own and use Google, YouTube and other search engines.
  3. Pay attention to detail.
  4. Be confident and trust your own abilities and creativity.

Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners

Here is a list of writing jobs you can niche down into or consider doing. If you enjoy creative writing, then stories are for you. If you like copywriting, email marketing, and sales page copywriting will be right up your alley.

  1. Email marketing — writing of emails to welcome new leads, nurture them and pitch them an offer.
  2. Copywriting — typically involves writing sales pages, landing pages, and optin pages.
  3. E-commerce writing — includes product benefits, unique points, and why it is better than its competitors
  4. Grant writing — to get a grant approved
  5. Corporate writing — serious, dry fact-based writing
  6. Creative writing — stories and fiction
  7. Speech writing — writing of speech aimed to send a particular message to a specific audience
  8. Technical writing — includes instructional manuals and patient information leaflets
  9. Editor — the final stage of editing and rewriting before an article is published
  10. Video script writing — Writing scripts for YouTubers and influencers
  11. Transcription — transcribing audio or video into words
  12. Translation — to transcribe audio or video into a different language or rewrite an article, a book or a journal into a different language

Best Freelance Writing Sites

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Here are some of the best job sites you can check out to get writing gigs (and be paid a decent amount).

  1. Solidgigs
  2. Flexjobs
  3. Contena
  4. All Freelance Writing
  5. Journalism Jobs
  6. Media Bistro
  7. ProBlogger
  8. Constant Content
  9. Writer Bay

Check this list out for a full list of more amazing job boards and hiring sites.

What Freelance Writing Jobs Pay The Highest?

Typically, landing page writing and sales writing jobs command the highest salary (from $50 per page up to $5000 per page) depending on experience and your conversion rate track record.

Email marketing and ebook ghostwriting can give you between $100 to $500 per project.

Tips And Ideas To Start Writing If You’re A Beginner

If you are new to writing, here are some ways you can use to dip your toes and get some working experience.

  1. Start a blog. If creating a website seems too arduous a task, start blogging on free platforms like You’ll also be able to get your work seen and have people give you feedback about your articles.
  2. Pick a niche. Whether it’s about travel, lifestyle, parenting or entrepreneurship, keep to what you know and the topics you think will be helpful to your readers.
  3. Share your posts on social media and have your audience give you feedback and more eyeballs on your writing.
  4. Guest post. Offer to write blog posts for free for small businesses and local companies to gain some experience.
  5. Avoid content mills. Those are job sites that get you to write 2–3 articles for them before they hire you. Typically these sites will pay very little and put you through a lot of work.
  6. Read all terms and conditions of the writing job carefully and ensure you meet their submission guidelines.

Wrapping Up

Writing is a great way to make money especially if you are resourceful, creative, and willing to learn. Many companies are ready to give beginners an opportunity to write articles for them.

If you feel writing isn’t really for you, check out a list of other jobs you can do online!



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