Do Hashtags Work On Facebook?

  1. Hashtags can make your posts more searchable.
    If you’re using trending or popular hashtags, your posts get a wider reach. They can also be searched and found easily by people checking out the same hashtags. Now that you can cross post from Instagram to Facebook, hashtags are definitely more relevant and popular in Facebook now (though still a far cry from how popular it is on Instagram).
    Check out the trending hashtags or do social media listening (ie knowing what people think and say about your brand), use those hashtags, set your post to public and you’re good to go.
  2. Hashtags encourage conversations with your post and your brand.
    If you have a compilation of hashtags that you routinely use with your posts consistently on Facebook, eventually your audience will start to associate those hashtags with your brand.
    When people search for these hashtags and come across your posts often, they may also start to relate to what you’re saying and offering and over time, begin to comment on your posts and interact with your brand as well.
source: Nike Facebook. Nike sticks to one brand hashtag that everyone knows is their tagline.
  1. Use hashtags related to (a) your brand, and (b) popularity. As mentioned above, if you use the hashtags consistently with your brand, sooner or later those particular hashtags will be associated with your brand.
  2. Use popular or trending hashtags. Single tags are preferred because they cause less confusion and creates more of an impact, allowing your audience to know that this is the way they can search for your latest/previous posts or look for you.
  3. Keep it to 1 or 2 hashtags.
    Contrary to Instagram where the more hashtags you use the better, on Facebook it is the complete opposite. Most big brands use only 1 hashtags and stop at a maximum of 2. Engagement drops with the number of hashtags you plug in onto your post.
source: Sprout Social



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